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2 series's coming soon...

Here's a few skate photos I shot of vince in long beach, the last of the inland100 i'm not sending out. Coming next is a series of photos from one person's house... i'm excited for it.

Vince messing around ollieing a little gap into basically a wall...

Vince doing a back tail at that one spot that everyone skates.

Now it's shred time! Hey charlie, I might have a free ride to seattle wednesday afternoon and ride back thursday night... can I come crash if the ride works out?


dr.brown said...

yeah im pumped on these! really good!!!!!!!!!!

kohlton said...

Nich! I practically shat my pants when i saw the first!!!!!!!
The exposure is so rad! Looks like he wasn't in the best area lighting wise but you managed to just get it all perfectly! Zone system? Damn, i miss a spot meter...Also, he pops soooo well, your lens produces some good looking bokeh! What f stop? And the composition is just sooo nice and simple! Great lines both vertical on the little trailer ditty, and horizontal from both the trailers and the barrier! Oh yeah, nice framage too! He's contrasts so well against that gray and his whole body is easily defined.

And you said you couldn't shoot a skate photo...hah

Charles said...

these are sick! both perfect timing and kohlton pretty much explained everything already so I leave it at that. For sure you can crash if you come out here man. I will be working both wednesday and thursday from like 10am till 5pm, but if you need a place to crash wednesday night that's totally cool.

nich said...

thanks guys! i really wish i was a little lower on the back tail so his board wouldn't have gotten lost in the bridge back there. kohlton - i don't think i zoned it, just did like 3 readings, the important ish, got lucky on the rest. it was at f/4.8 i believe, 1/125th for sure. i really want to get a 35 that i can double expose and that has a timer guy, i guess i got my shutter cord now but the timer seems nicer. somehow i shot a few skate photos, i dunno. if i think of it as a skate photo i try to get all tight and blow it mega, so i just need to shoot a normal photo with a skateboarder in there.