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A Few Photos from an Inland 100 Roll...

I have more coming from this roll (even though i'm saving a few for print exchange). Also developed a roll of Neopan 400 pushed to 800 and a roll of Neopan 1600... those will be up within a week or so. I need to get a job but this shit's so much funner hahaha.

The man of the house... BENNY!!! (yea, i fucked up the negative... oops)

This is supposedly the third biggest pyramid in the U.S... and it's bright blue! If we weren't there parked in a loading zone to look at a rail i would like to think i would have gotten something radder out of this place.

Woke up early almost every morning in Long Beach and walked around shooting photos and drinking coffee. This one turned out way less rad then i was hoping... I wanna reshoot it someday.

Standing in the middle of the road during morning rush hour... weeeee. There's 2 sets of windows on that building, one set is actual windows and the other is a reflection of all the windows from a building near it (not that you can tell because i shot it blown out... cazzo)

I scanned these together then realized how cool it is with 2 steezy skulls in that shit. The left one is derek... the right one chills on garret's t.v.

I got 5 or 6 more from this roll that i'm going to post later tonight or tomorrow, whenever i have the time. Everyone come to portland and shralp/photo mission!!! lets do this!!!


kohlton said...

The last is epic! And i'm hyped on the pyramid one...but still, the last pahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Charlie said...

the pyramid one is sick! simplicity! I didn't even know you had a blog until you just texted me... another bookmark for my firefox.

dr.brown said...

yeah there sick! the skull one is perfectly exposed! good job!