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Last of the inland 100...

Thanks for all the comments on the last one... You all should be expecting prints in the next 2 weeks (2 weeks instead of 3 days because i'm not feeling too "get er done" today).

Here's some more from my inland 100 roll.

I forgot that the first few photos of this roll I shot around the time I realized my camera was broken... so it's double exposed on accident.

"Miracle on 4th street park" in longbeach. The park is like a third the size of utf and has one swing set and a locked gate hahaha, what a miracle.

Yea, I need to stay away from skate photography. Vince has 3 palm trees in the brim of his hat.

New house means new things to shoot, like Benny and this piano. Dark and ish, probably going to finish many a roll on this thing.

Next I'm going to scan in a roll of Neopan that sethy bought me for christmas (Thanks again man!) so again... scope in a few days.


kohlton said...

ohhhhh my god you get to shoot palm trees!!!!!!!! lucky!
First is rad!

dr.brown said...

yeah real good im feelin em! pumped! yay! what happened to your camera????

nich said...

haha, i was thinking about the whole palm tree thing, like if someone from there went to washington and shot a bunch of pine trees, like a pine tree by itself is a photo for them like a palm tree is for us. and the camera broke a while back... remember, half frames. i've had the roll for a few months just waitin. thanks for scopin dogs. you both need some new stuff up, i click em like 10 times a day!!!

Charlie said...

first is so good, the double exposure makes a perfect box around vince and it still leaves him exposed well and he still stands out... it's freakin sick!