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Doing something is usually better than doing nothing...

On my drive from Spokane to Bakersfield we stopped in some dirt town between Sacramento and Bakersfield... Here's 2 photos from that and one photo from Spokane that fit this place too well.


How hyped would you be if those were your shoes hanging from da wire.

This place was pretty abandoned and had alot of "Toxic" stickers and warnings of death and stuff... I was sketched until I realized that cigarettes have the same thing hahaha.

Kohlton talked me into taking this photo in the Bakersfield airport, although everyone stared at me for like 30 minutes I was hyped I did it, thanks kohltron!

Got the call today, I didn't get the starbucks job so Spokane is a go!!! only there saturday afternoon until tuesday probablly morning ish so everyone come out. over 18s we're going to the casino and shit! photogs... we're goin photoging... and everyone we're going wheelieing!!! And tell ray to fucking call me, that douche of a daddy. And pat you're coming to the casino... it's a celebratiion bitch... (drea's late birfday!).

expect a new post on wednesday


kohlton said...

Yeaaaa! Can't wait. I love the second to last one, and I'm glad I made you take the last!

dr.brown said...

yeah the last is sick!! i took my camera to school and i took a photo and everyone was staring and asking stupid questions and asking to see the photo after i took it and and yayyyyYY!!!!! your coming! lets shred cameraz and skateboardzzzzz