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Few Spokane didies from inbetween Portland and LBC...

Like I mentioned before... some of the photos on this roll came out very underdeveloped. Here's a perfect example of butchering an underdeveloped photo in photoshop (elements none the less) for some reason instead of shit-canning it.

Sethy shot a similar one to this i do believe...

Yea... pretty sure about that.

Kohltron the meter master... or meter maid... whatever ya wanna call it.

I should be up in spokane in 6 days... hopefully all the snow in these photos is gone!

Now go skate the new ledge at UTF... shit looks boss.


kohlton said...

Meter maid?????!!!! Ima whoop yo ass! Atleast veronica is lurkin' in the photo!!!!!!!! That window one is seriously so rad. Your the man!

nich said...

HAHAHAHAHA! so sick! i laughed for like 5 minutes, not because I don't think you cold kick my ass because I know you could but it's just so un-expected. absolutely scrumtralescent.

dr.brown said...

whaat! i never saw this post. im blind!!! so sick! that was a fun day!