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Red Soda Pop

So I've been shooting alot downtown lately, this particular morning I was getting all set up for this photo and a woman walks by with a shopping cart, no big deal. Next thing I know she's throwing up pure red liquid like 6 feet behind me, it's like 8 in the morning. A few minutes later when I skated past her on the sidewalk I notice the shopping cart's empty other than a 2 liter of red soda. I guess that explains the red puke.


Ladies and gentlemen

SETH RAMIREZ (and his helmet)! haha. Worst exposure but makes me laugh.


For those who don't know.

Charlie made a really good personal zine last week called "Put Your Hands Over Your Eyes" and it's absolutely killer. It's only $6 and worth alot more, and the money's so he can process his like 40 rolls of film from a recent trip covering the south west of the United States. Please get one, you won't be disappointed.
(click the photo for more info)

Oh slide film...

De puta madre (of bitch mother) haha. Stuff's just impossible to scan.

This is Cam ollieing over a big ol rail, good times.


Spokane, how cold thee is...

Some photos from my New Years trip to Spokane.


Oh The Good Ol Days...

Camping with the boys out in the wilderness... soon my friends.


Portland man...

Just got back from a few days in Seattle, this is my porch in Portland that was waiting for me.

John Erickson and Eric Green are in town so get to kick it with those dudes tonight and tomorrow, and Bobby Dodd and Dave Perry are rolling down tomorrow. Should be fun. Adios.


So I didn't put anything up here for about a year and a half, now I figure I will just cause. Be sure to check out Kohlton and Sethy's colab blog that's much more entertaining... "The Bro Diaries"

Here's a few photos of the homies...

Ivan and Julian at El Spot en Badalona

Kohlton in deep contemplation in Hill's Yard