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Folsom California

The Sacramento trip summary...

Mornings - Wandering Folsom (the suburb we stayed in) shooting photos and sometimes getting lost, Compton making pancakes for everyone, Cory getting everyone starbucks, then getting ready to go.

Days - Meeting at PLA skateshop, skating, and eating bagels.

Nights - Playing pool at the house, calling the couch, and having 3 computers on chat roulette at all times.

Overall a good trip, photos to follow soon.


kohlton said...

hahahahah, hell yeah! chat roulette is the worst thing that's happened to the internet. ever. seriously, it makes me so disgusteds with mankind.

but man, sounds like a good schedule. im jellin'

Nich Kunz said...

i tried not to participate in chat roulette at all. it is fairly foul. mankind's tight.