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What I hate about life...

When you're not living it to the fullest, it's still happening to the fullest, so you feel like you're totally missing it.

I love life!


Diggin for gold...

No luck finding any though, but while searching I came across alot of photos I've never touched up or posted or done anything with other than shoot em. Here's a photo of the north end of Cannon Beach, OR. from late summer 2009.


Head in the clouds...

Just returned from a week in beautiful San francisco, great times. Lately I've been watching clouds alot, they're pretty killer...
Spokane, WA 2010

Portland, OR 2010

My other thoughts have been on my friends, cause what is there but clouds and homies?
Jon crossing birthday line

Mustaches and glasses required

Dinner time

On the lake

With the Kohltron.






It's so great. Currently reading "Why people photograph" by Robert Adams, good stuff so far.
Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo as well as Jon's birthday, super fun times with the homies, BBQ, fire, mandatory glasses and staches.
Been shooting a little more lately, hooray! Here's a photo from Charlie's last visit to portland, hopefully see that guy again soon. Hope everyone is well!