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A while back...

I had the pleasure to spend a little over a week in New York, camping with old roommates from Oregon, and skating lots with Dan Zvereff and his friends around the city. Here's dan filming a line on the water...



Excelsior and Mission

That's where I've been spending most of my time, skating some when it's dry, and looking for work and stuff when it's wet.

Here's a sweet video Charlie made from our trip south...

Starting march I'll have a scanner again and I'll get some new photos up... for now check out Kohlton's flickr HERE for sweet photos of San Francisco that I haven't been taking.

Hope everyone is doing super awesome and talk to yall soon.


SF Nich

Well, I'm in the bay area now. Slept in the Redwoods on the way, spent 2 days with Miller and Charlie, and now in the city staying with Brandon and Maurice. It's been raining but still fun, hangin with Toad and B+M. Have a job interview hopefully for tomorrow at a photography studio, I think I'd enjoy that job. Hope all is well for everyone, more photographs to come once I get my scanner going. Here's an oldie... Mikey riding his skateboard last summer, gonna miss riding skateboards with this dude this summer. Have a fun move Mikey dude!!


Off to try a new environment...

"They shouted 'Good-by!' and tumbled out of the house."
"Adam stared into his coffee cup and said in apology,"What little brutes! I guess that's your reward for over ten years of service."
"'I like it better that way,' Lee said. 'If they pretended sorrow they'd be liars. It doesn't mean anything to them. Maybe they'll think of me sometimes- privately. I don't want them to be sad. I hope I'm not so small-souled as to take satisfaction in being missed.'"

-John Steinbeck, East of Eden.

Portland's been fun, had a great weekend with Sam, Kimmie, and Charlie and Sam gifted Charlie and me with an awesome zine he made with photos from Japan, THANKS SAM! Been skating oodles. Time to go get a job and be a grown up I guess...