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J-bone papa

So my good friend Joel in Spokane is going to be a papa, and it's awesome. Here he is on a morning coffee stroll this past August. I'm very excited for him.


Adam, April, and Oudalay

Well, other than knowing that we were on a ferry, going to spend the day in Sausalito, and drinking beers, I have no clue why everyone's looking at Adam who's looking off into the distance. Make up your own story, who knows.


Sure, sure

With the influx of visits from fellow postcard photoers visiting San Francisco this summer, I've spent a lot of time getting to know more photographers both from out of town and who live here in the city. It's a good thing, photoing better than partying, not that they can't go hand in hand. Here's the homie Barrett Moore at Toad and Salmon's Chili Bowl this year. Here's his Flickr also...