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The photo that may never be

I know that I have at least 6 negatives of this building ranging from 2005 to now, I guess that's about 1 a year, but I've never been pleased with any of them. I probably shouldn't post something I'm not stoked on, but I just think that it's interesting that every time I go to Spokane I shoot this photo, not on purpose but it just always happens. I get coffee across the street one morning, come out of the cafe in a dazed mix of over-caffeinated and super-tired, and shoot this photo. Now that I realize this going through my scans this morning, my next trip north I will have to try and shoot this place how I actually see it.


Happy Thanksgiving

Thinking of family on Turkey day. Here's my brother and nephew at breakfast in Spokane a few months ago.


Mr. Milianta

A great friend of mine, Sam Milianta, comes and visits me sometimes, and we have great times being sober and drunk and photoing and just hangin around. This photos is from his most recent visit when he officially became cancer free. Congratulations again sam, so happy you're here!!